The Wyse Centre is the online home of self development author and radio host Austin Wyse. The name of the website was obviously chosen because of Austin’s surname but it is also a ‘play on words’ to draw attention to the idea that you also have a wise centre. Austin feels very strongly that exploring the power of the subconscious can allow you to connect deeply with that all-knowing wise centre, which has all the answers to life’s many problems.

The Wyse Centre exists as an online resource for Austin’s books, radio shows, mp3s and events which are all centered around helping YOU to access the wisdom of your subconscious.


Austin Studio

Have you ever been for a walk on a really wet day, the rain is coming down like stair rods, the branches in the trees are being pulled down by the weight of the rain fall and the streams and brooks are overflowing as the twigs and leaves create accidental dams?

Most people would stay indoors or run for cover but not Austin, one of his favourite pastimes is restoring flow to a body of water, or in fact any energy. Prior to the years he spent in a London orphanage; he lived in Ireland and spent most of his time outdoors in a bid to stay out of the way of his alcoholic mother. On his rainy day childhood travels, the free spirited five year old would actively seek out newly created dams and set about releasing the debris, and delight in watching the water run freely again.

As an electronic engineer with EMI, Austin continued the theme of finding a fault and reconnecting energy circuits,  and then went on to develop remarkable skills for doing the same thing with human beings. Austin also has an exceptional knowledge of the human condition and why ‘we do what we do’, and although it is the result of many years of personal observation, study and reflection he has a desire to pass on this information to improve the lives of others.

When you combine his natural gift for restoring energy flows with his capacity to understand human behaviour you have something special, but there is another element to his experience. Austin has a background in hypnotherapy and is a master of communicating with people at a conscious and subconscious level.  However, far from stage hypnosis which has a reputation of mind control, Austin uses his communication techniques and his many other skills to empower people. In fact he often acknowledges that he isn’t responsible at all, feeling himself to be simply a channel for change.

He now works as an author and speaker and lives in Somerset with his partner, Jo who is also the co-host of his radio show ‘I Am Healing.’


Jo Studio

Jo Phillips is a writer, publisher and broadcaster who worked in BBC and commercial radio in the South West of the UK (Bristol, Somerset & Devon) and the Isle of Man for over 15 years, her passion is helping people to communicate ‘new-thinking’ messages about health, well-being and the power of human consciousness.