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Wyse Meridian Tapping

Tapping & How To Re-frame

Most people are familiar with the basic tapping statement but how many people know how to use re frames when they are tapping – or even just in general conversation? I often think of re-frames as a key that you are giving someone to help them release themselves from prison. (if you are brand new […]

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The Meaning of Colds

I’m seeing a lot of students on our training courses,¬† friends, family and clients with extremely heavy colds at the moment and nearly every day someone asks me ‘what does it mean when you catch a cold?’ When people become familiar with Kinesiology, the curiosity to look at the meaning of an illness becomes bigger […]

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Christmas Rituals

Christmas for many people can be a challenging time of year, for all sorts of reasons such as loss of a loved one, financial pressures and family strains (to name just a few.) So I wanted to introduce a healing tool to help make Christmas easier for anyone in a difficult situation, and that tool […]

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Flower of Life

Meaning and Purpose

I meet so many people who are on a constant and never ending search for meaning and purpose. These are often the same people who carry the archetype of a pleasure seeker rather than a truth seeker and consistently feel there has to be something more, more, m-o-r-e. ¬†They seem to look in all the […]

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