Austin offers workshops on the subjects of Meridian Tapping, Communication Skills and Self Mastery through Essence Health Training in Bristol. Click the titles of the workshops below (highlighted in pink) to find out more.

Wyse Meridian Tapping

Wyse Meridian Tapping is a weekend workshop where Austin Wyse not only teaches the basics of the tapping process, but he also shares deep and profound insights about the subconscious, how we function emotionally and the new science of trauma over the two day event as well.




Communication 101

Language is inseparable from healing, so it stands to reason that health-care practitioners need to understand how to communicate at a deep level not only to attract new clients but also to help those clients progress once they are in the treatment room. In this workshop led by Austin Wyse you will learn how to expand your communication skills on both a public platform and in a professional environment.



Self Mastery

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? So often it comes down to two main areas; how they master their emotions and how they master their ability to communicate.  This ‘Self Mastery’ workshop delivered over two days focuses on the subjects of Subconscious Emotions and Subconscious Communication and has been designed to help you begin to reach your full potential.


Primitive Reflexes 

Primitive reflexes can be described as automatic, immediate movements that are executed without any conscious control. They develop in utero and their purpose is to keep the baby safe during the first few hazardous months of life. In an ‘ideal world’ these primitive reflexes are inhibited by higher centres of the brain during different stages of childhood development. However, for reasons that will be revealed in this workshop oftentimes it is possible for us to retain or even reactivate aspects of our primitive reflexes.


All of these workshops qualify for CPD hours with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology although you do not have to be a Kinesiologist or studying Kinesiology to attend and benefit from them. These workshops are open to all.