An Introduction to your Subconscious

In this first episode of ‘I Am Healing – Tapping Into the Infinite Power of Your Subconscious’ Author Austin Wyse and Presenter Jo Phillips will give you clear and simple introductory information about that higher part of yourself to help you reconnect with your fullest potential.

During the show they will cover questions such as:

  • What is the subconscious?
  • How is it programmed?
  • Can it be reprogrammed?
  • How can I access it and utilise it to¬†greater effect?
  • Does having a knowledge of the subconscious make EFT more powerful?

Austin and Jo will also guide you through a quick fun tapping exercise that utilises subconscious language patterns, recommend some reading and end the show with a reflection to help you begin to tap into the infinate power of your subconscious.


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