Audio Production

Do you need help with audio production? Perhaps you have thought about recording your own audio but don’t know where to start? Maybe you don’t know how to structure your work, if your voice is good enough, what sound proofing you need, which microphone to use, or how to edit/master?

As a former audio engineer for EMI Austin helps individuals and companies to make their own high quality commercial audio recordings on formats such as CD, mp3 and podcasts platforms.

Some of the services he offers and/or can give guidance on include:

  • Voice coaching
  • Planning and structuring your ideas/scripts
  • Recording,¬†Editing & Mastering
  • Labeling & Distribution (to third parties such as iTunes & Amazon mp3)
  • CD Replication
  • Marketing
  • Equipment rental (for events or outside recordings)
  • … Video recording/equipment if required

Austin sells his own meditation audios online (click here to visit his mp3 store) and specialises in helping complementary health professionals/organisations (including Penny Brohn Cancer Care and many others) through the process of making their own relaxation audios for their clients. He also works with businesses who want to create audio for their clients and employees.

If you’d like to find out more you can contact Austin on 01823 271375 or 07836 255030.