How Tapping Works

Have you ever considered the idea that understanding how something works, allows us to connect more deeply with it?

In this episode of ‘I Am Healing’, Austin offers his perspective on how tapping works, calling on his knowledge of electrical engineering he draws stark comparisons between the electrical language of the human body (in particular the nervous system) and the electrical language of technology. He also discusses the similarities of how tapping works and how a new branch of medicine called electricuticals works.

Electricuticals employ electrical stimulation to affect and modify functions of the body, however as clever as all this sounds … Austin firmly points out that the prime driver behind disruptions in the human nervous system are our emotions and without recognising them at a deep level the results we get from any form of treatment will be limited.

This programme is for anyone who wants a new perspective on how tapping works in order to potentially get more powerful results. Austin’s live-streamed online tapping workshop called ‘Tap Into Emotional Freedom,’ covers this subject and many others in more detail. To find out more please visit 

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