Emotional Intimacy





This Emotional Intimacy mp3 has been created for women who are in (or want to attract) a loving relationship with a male partner, and have a desire to connect more powerfully with their emotions during times of intimacy. The benefits of sex for the mind and body are well known, it can boost the immune system, lessen pain and lower blood pressure, but making love also benefits the spirit/soul as well, especially when we are able to tune in to the emotions we were all designed to feel in the experience. However many people, for many different reasons (such as trauma, redundant belief patterns, lack of awareness or just the stress of modern day living) may have switched off aspects of their sexuality. In this audio Austin gentle guides the female listener through the wonderful spectrum of emotions that are available to each and every women when she is intimate with her sacred partner.

Running time: 30mins

[Music: ‘Silver Sky composed by Silenco]

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