I Am A Woman (Jo Wyse)





As we witness the collapse of so many patriarchal systems around the globe, there has never been a more important time for women and girls to reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies and to understand the true meaning and power of their monthly cycles.

In this beautifully presented introductory 34 page hard back book, Jo Wyse invites women to remember what they knew long ago about the sacredness of what it truly means to be feminine and how to begin to use the waxing, waning, fullness and darkness of the moon as their guide.

The emphasis of this book is simplicity so it can be enjoyed by women of all ages regardless of the relationship they currently have with their cycle. This book is also important for mothers who wish to pass these deep truths on to their daughters and granddaughters.

‘Thank you for sending me a copy of this precious little book for women. Reading it I felt the invitation to dive deeper into myself as a woman and that I was valued. Congratulations Jo, time to share with other women.’
– Christine Page Author of The Healing Power of The Sacred Woman