Peaceful Pregnancy





This mp3 has been created to guide the new mum into very powerful feelings of love and connection not only with herself but also with the miracle growing inside her … right from the very moment she learns she is expecting. It can even be used by women who are trying to conceive and want to stimulate emotions of how it might feel to be enriched by a peaceful pregnancy.

Throughout this audio Austin’s reassuring voice encourages Mum to bond with her baby by using gentle language suggestions, visual images such as loving cords of connection and barely audible (to the conscious mind) sonogram heartbeats.

He also explains the importance of ‘neurosense’ for Mum and baby and towards the end of the meditation he completes the journey with visualisations of the people who will eventually gather to help her and her baby through not only a peaceful pregnancy but also a peaceful birthing process.

Running time: 24mins

[Music: Quietude composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke]

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