Sleep Soundly





In this Sleep Soundly┬árelaxation and meditation audio Austin guides the listener’s subconscious into a profoundly restful state to aid a good nights sleep.

According to the cellular biologist and author Bruce Lipton (and many other new thinking experts) the subconscious is where we function from 95-97% of the time. It beats our heart, controls our breathing and digests our food along with many other biological processes, so it stands to reason that when our subconscious is at peace we are more able to sleep soundly.

This relaxation and meditation audio for sleep has been created to help the listener feel safe at that very deep subconscious level so that high quality sleep is more easily attained. This is important because high quality sleep can allow us to heal and problem solve more effectively during the day and night.

Running time: 18mins

[Music: Quietude composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke]

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