The Daily Energy Routine

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In Chinese medicine the energy within is called chi; and in Ayurveda, order the ancient Indian philosophy of health and well-being, information pills the life force is known as prana. In fact, the Sanskrit translation of the word prana is ‘vital life.’

This subtle energy is affected by your every experience, and changes moment by moment. Everything you eat, drink, hear, think and feel affects your energy in a positive or negative way. If your energy is disrupted, blockages will start to occur and your physical and emotional health will suffer.

The Daily Energy Routine can help to stimulate your vital life force, giving you the potential to boost your well-being and increase integrity for your mind, body and spirit. For maximum benefit these 7 techniques should be completed as a 3 minute routine, although each technique can also be used as a ‘stand alone’ tool when required.


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