Without the Woo Woo (Kindle)





Without the Woo Woo is a clear and concise self-development book that explains complex mind, abortion body, spirit concepts without any technical or religious jargon.

We are currently living through a time of unprecedented global and personal change.

You only have to look at the systems that support life – the economic system, healthcare system, political system, justice system, food system and even the ecosystem – to understand the types of chaos we are all surrounded by.

You may also feel unsettled by your own life and the challenges you have faced in the past and are perhaps facing now? In uncertain times like these, we are all looking for clear, concise and easy to understand answers. Now you have found them.

Without the Woo Woo is designed to be a direct and down-to-earth self-development book that will not only bring powerful insights to your conscious awareness, but also offers practical suggestions to help you change the way you feel forever.

When used by sceptics, ‘woo woo’ is a dismissive term used to refer to New Age or spiritual beliefs.


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