Wyse Meditation on Zoom


In this short three week course I will be offering guided meditations to you from the comfort of your own home via Zoom. Each session will start with a short life-affirming reassuring talk and include a guided meditation on a different theme each week. The themes are timeless but have partly been chosen to help guide you through the world events we are currently experiencing.

Week 1: The power of the immune system

Learn how to encourage the 50+ trillion cells in your mind and body to dance and vibrate while detecting, protecting and repairing potential problems with your immune system.

Week 2: The power of the mind

Learn how to access your subconscious mind through meditation to help you think clearer and problem solve more effectively in day to day life.

Week 3: The power of the heart

When our heart is closed through emotions such as fear we aren’t able to live life fully, enjoy healthy relationships and it can impact our health too. This meditation will open the heart space to let goodness, trust and love back in.

All you will need to take part in this course is a Zoom account and as many blankets and cushions as you need to make yourself comfortable. All sessions will take place on Sunday mornings at 10am (starting on 29th November 2020)

3 weeks x 90 minute sessions just £45 (email/phone support is included in the price.)

To book your place please email jowyse85@gmail.com

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